Sunday, January 6, 2008

Superstore: It's on the shelf... but YOU CAN'T HAVE IT

Dear Superstore,

I would like to say thank you for one of the most frustrating yet incredulous times of my entire life as a consumer. It has been two weeks and I'm still reeling from the amazing incompetence and unhelpfulness your staff displayed.

The item was on your shelf. Not only was it on your shelf... it was in a *DISPLAY* on your shelf... numerous little packages in an attractive display... screaming "Buy me. You'll love me!" with no price tag. My actions were simple. I picked up the item that was on a display... took it to the first cosmetic section employee I saw, and this was the conversation that ensued:

Me: Pardon me...

Employee: *blah blah blah blah blah* heehee I love this shampoo too!

Me: *ahem* PARDON ME...

Employee: *shooting me an annoyed look that I've interrupted her personal conversation* Yes?? Pardon me. I *have* to help this customer.

Me: Yes... I saw this item on your shelf and was wondering what the price was?

Employee: Oh. Isn't it on the shelf?

Me: No. That... would be why I'm asking you.

Employee: Well I don't know.... let's ask her *walks over to the demi-manager of the cosmetics section*

Demi-Manager: What... what item is this?

Me: It's an item I saw over there *pointing to display 1 foot away* and I just want to know how much it is... so I can buy it.

Demi-Manager: *scans item comes up with error message* Oh. yeah. I can't find it in the system. It must be discontinued. You can't buy it. Sorry.

Me: Is it defective?

Demi-Manager: I don't know. But... if it's not scanning... it's not something we sell or stock.

Me: So you're telling me I'm not allowed to buy this item that is prominently displayed on your shelf as for sale.

Demi-Manager: Uhh... hmm... uhh... no... *turns away*

I don't know about you... but this seems a little strange... and.. very unhelpful. So. I decide to take this to a cashier... who might know what better to do.

What ended up happening was that a GROCERY CHECK BOY was called to check on the price... and then HE went to the *same* demi-manager who tried to tell him the *same* crap she told me.

I then asked:

"Well. If it's not an item you stock, then can I simply take it, seeing as it's not your item anyhow?"


and she looks at me all goggle-eyed and says "NO... of course not!"

... and only after prompting from the GROCERY CHECK BOY... does she say "Fine. I'll call my manager to find out." (because obviously... doing this very simple, logical step was faaaar too complex 20 minutes ago). She calls the manager of the Cosmetics department... who of course... doesn't answer.

In the end... I had to get... the GROCERY CHECK BOY's manager to figure sh*t out. Through all this too... it took about 45 minutes... and during that 45 minutes... the "discontinued display" was still up 'n' running.

INCOMPETENCE extraordinaire. No wonder they call it "Stupidstore".

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