Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Translink: I'm paying this much for *what*??

Please. Tell me. Why am I paying 50% more for my bus fare than I used to? I thought this was for things like... 'good service'.

I swear.. there's nothing quite like... having your "comes every 10 minutes" bus service arrive HALF AN HOUR LATE... then have to listen to the bus driver complain (yes. Complain. Loudly.) about how passengers keep whining to him about being 5 minutes late.

No, buddy. It's not you. It's me... of course it's me... I have obviously *no* right to be angry that your buddies A & B who were supposed to come *before* you decided to pull a no-show, then buddy C was so full he had to totally skip our stop.. then to top it all of... YOU ARE LATE.

Give me a break. I'd expect this kind of crap from a FREE service... not one that I actually have to BUDGET for in my monthly spending.


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